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Welcome, from casual to sporty to dress
shoes … we’re sure to be able to repair your shoes to
“like-new” (or even better) condition. 

Visit our store for friendly and expert advice
on the shoe repair that’s right for you. 

We’ll even tell you if we think that
it’s NOTfeasible/advisable to fix your shoes.

Estimates are FREE. 

We look forward to your visit.

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We provide high quality work in all kinds of leather such as shoes, boots, luggage, bags of woman and man. No doubt we are dedicated entirely to the good service and very good quality. Conveniently located at 530 Euclid Ave Ste 23-B Cleveland, OH 44115 we offer all our services.


Shoe Repair

Is your favorite pair of shoes showing some wear that you want to get rid of?  Are the heels worn down, making your shoes look shabby and unprofessional?  Are there holes in your soles that make a walk in the rain a sure case of wet socks? For these and other signs of wear and tear, talk to us about the options and materials that we have available to repair your shoes.  By the way, we are often able to repair athletic shoes too.


Other Leather Repairs

If your purse or briefcase needs patching, repair, or sprucing up, bring it in and let’s talk about the possibilities for repair.  Again, estimates are FREE.


Professional Shoe Shines

In conjunction with our repair services, we have available, on-site, professional shoe shines.  You can hop up in the shoeshine chair for immediate service or, for an additional surcharge, have the shines done off-the-feet and pick them up later.

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